About us

*Our complete name,  “CINE FOTO CENTER NOVACON do BRASIL INSTRUMENTACAO CIENTIFICA INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA”  has its origins from the date of our foundation , 1972 . Thus translating our marketing direction, Photography, and our motto, NOVA  CONceptio,  from the Latin, New Concepts.

commercial photographic roots began although in 1967 ,when we first introduced and stablished in Brazil  the pre-sales camera checking  to the former Russian equipment importer.

*Due our formation in engineering areas of Metallurgical, Electronics , Mechanics and Economics, we started our own firm and  since the beginning, we devoted ourselves to the niche market, constructing unobtainable items, custom fitted adapters and special order equipments.

*Through direct contact, and changing information with the consumers, users, scientists, and researchers, using all kind of top technology equipments, we felt their real desires, and what they really needed to better complement their work. So we  begun  to translate their wishes into engineering language, leading us, now in having today an archive of far more than  400 unique new projects and interesting solution approaches seen by new sighting angles.

*Our previous photographical experience from the `50`s were now gathered towards our business, of course strengthed by the Russian equipment specialization, which rendered ourselves high skills and techniques and a very unique position as tech advisors.We really invested on high end researches.

*From 1975.  due the Brazilian importing restrictions , we became project consultant of various firms and government departments who decided to develop and build their own equipment in Brazil with Brazilian technology.

in 1989 and 1990, we acquired twice the best year project of  “10,000 Photographic Ideas” promoted by the known magazine “Sovetskoe Foto”, respectively with a  “Daguerreotype XXI Century”  and  “- VERTEX-Medium Format Camera Using Soviet Lenses”.

, in 1989 and 1998, we shared with the exhibition of a “Giroux Daguerreotype Camera Replica” in two FUNARTE events.- “Photography Sesquicentenaire Day” (1989) and  “First Century of  D. Pedro II  Photographic Collection” (1998).

*In 1993 and 2003 we shared the III and VIII CONGRESOS DE LA FOTOGRAFIA ANTIGUA, from SOCIEDAD IBEROAMERICANA DE LA HISTORIA DE LA FOTOGRAFIA, respectively with –“Recycled Proposals of  Daguerreotyping”  and – “Up dating Old Mechanical Projects in Cameras and Stereoscopy”.

*At 2003

*At 2003
, we submitted to “STEREO CLUB FRANCAISE”, the world´s oldest stereo association, a full professional stereo system with  all  affordable composing items intended for a high diffusion of stereo photography, which was effusively accepted.

we begun cooperating with the PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDADE CATOLICA of RIO de JANEIRO, builting for them, the first metalurgical high temperature  stereo microscope,- with auto focusing capabilities, and in-time; observation, photographical recording and X-ray diffraction registering,- known in the international literature.

series of other projects, like a complete self contained handful macro camera operating in the area of 1/17 up to 1/1, and an ultra compact telescope with  4 fold  ray trace which performs of being isostatic, isometric, which has no mechanical axle, nor gripping point being unable to vibrate, favouring high magnifications.

*Also a series of various and unique interesting optical devices.


*Dear sirs, due  a series of contacts with several precision machine builders world over, we can develop any optical and micro mechanical high-end project you need or want, and plan serial production for them.

*Our  phylosophy is forwarded  to - Offer  Unsurpassable Quality At Unbeatable Low Prices