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Foto-Mult-Apparat    c.1939

Seuthe & Co. Dusseldorf 

Old and curious German camera for table use.  Uses 13X18 plate films.

Multar lens 3.5/50mm, single speed shutter at 1/25s . Fixed diaphragm at f6. Fixed hyperfocal focusing, Typically portrait angled.

Takes 56 vertical 16.25x2.25mm pictures in a single plate in seven raws of eight pictures, or 42 vertical pictures 18.5x25.5mm in six raws of seven pictures.

Operates through horizontal shift of lens and vertical shift of plate carrier. One single revolution of the right hand crank automatically advances the plate for the next frame.

 Made for school photography. In a single glass plate the photographer constructs individual pupil photos of a same class in  a single photo. Projected to work with 15-17 DIN plates with a 1500/2000W lamp ilumination placing a single person at 1.40m or two persons  at 1.70m.

Finder in the upper part of the camera.

 Measures are: 36 x 14 x 55 cm.


Front view


Rear view



Open rear view



 identification plate