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Carl Zeiss Jena Dr. Pulfrich

13 x 18cm Stereometer camera


In 1901 Dr. Pulfrich developed the Stereocomparator for the accurate exploitation of stereo pairs in terrestrial photogrammetry. This camera was used for scientific purposes where accurate measurements were needed.

A precision stereo camera with white painted metal body and black enamelled fittings, two Tessar 6.3/7cm lenses no.88859 & 88865, mounted on turntable engraved in degrees above three levelling screws. Two rods at the top of the camera operate stencils which number each image in the negative. The bellows extension in millimetres is also imprinted in the negative. Together with one double plate holder, all in original mahogany carrying case. Lacking ground-glass focusing screen.

(Camera no. 4801, c.1907)



















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