Here is an image of a guy's Mudan (Peony)TLR collection. I am surprised that there are so many versions of Mudan alone. I think there are a few dozens Chinese TLR brands.





At least 10 plate logo variations.


NOS Red Flag S-16 movie câmera


A mint example of this camera surfaced recently. Maybe only a few hundred cameras were made. It is a high quality 16mm cine camera in C mount. The camera is not mine. I post these clear image FYI.











I think the variations in the way which “
牡丹“ (Mudan) is written would merit collecting each version, even if the design and functions are exactly the same.



Comrade Jay, NIHAO!

I think those
Chinese logos alone make these tlrs unique collectable items, plus these are very good cameras for B/W images for their big frame. Mudan also has single format cameras like those Seagull 4A, and with Tessar type taking lens and a rare TLR with a buit-in meter. 牡丹alone has enough variations for a collector.



Those accessory lenses for Pearl River S-201 are also being collected. These are less often seen than cameras. There are 28/2.8,35/2.3,135/2.8 and a zoom 80-200/4.5 lenses made for S-201. These are solid pieces of glass and metal. Even the hand grip are made of metal





Have you ever seen this 120 panaroma camera before? It is the Widepan WP-617-A; a 5.6x17cm format using 120 film. It is made by Phenix in Jiangxi.






The camera body alone cost a bit more than RMB 10,000! Just too rich for me.



This one is a swinging lens Widepan ProII 140 made by the same manufacturer it has 50x 112 frame format and covers 140°.

Can also use 35mm film




This one rivals the price! Also too rich for me.






And this is the Panflex. Exactly the same camera without 35mm ability.


Hi, Will,


 Do you want the Huaguang(华光) "IS11" 210/4.5 barrel lens? I have one and I think I saw some before. They are not very rare IMO and cost only 200-400 RMB. This lens has a resolution of 250 LP/mm wide open according to the instruction. How could that be possible? It is good for 13X18cm sheet film.




A new book for Chinese cameras!

Hi all,

Just spotted a new book for vintage Chinese cameras recently published. But only 500 copies were printed and they are not for sale. I will try to get a copy. It is a 360 pages book with a lot of interesting and rare cameras. It was written by a Mr. Zhuang who is 60 years old. I hope to get in touch with him, and hope that future edition will be published with photos of some of my collection I posted in this thread included.




I think that SX16K is still in manufacture by Qinhuangdao Audio-Visual Machinery Research Institute. Very nice camera, but only 60m magazines! It should not be expected from a high speed camera (144fps)...





Thank you for clear pictures of S-16. If you have more clear pictures of Chinese cine equipment, I'd be delighted to download them...
I like this camera! This camera were made by Gansu Optical Instrument Factory.




I know it is still being produced. Only 60 some cameras were made over the years. I bought the camera for curiosity. But I think it is not a cheap camera when new. It should be more expensive than the Red Flag 20,and the Red Flag S16 cine camera.
Occasionally, I saw some China made adaptors for using 35 mm still camera lenses on C mount S16 cameras.





Just to tell you that I always read you and that I always search for some small Chinese rangefinder...
My last Eastar S3S, Seagull 205 and KJ1S







Zhujiang 35/2.3



Guess I should let you know that I do have a Chinese optic gem-the famous Zhujiang 35/2.3 lens. It won many medals at various occasions for its high quality. So don't miss it if you saw one for sale at below $50. It focus from 0.3m. This is a lens made by Hongguang (Red Light) Camera Factory that was a military equipment maker. The hand grip pattern indicates that it is an early lens.

Many people said it is the best lens of the Zhujiang primes.










Here some low cost cameras from the beginning of the Chinese camera industry:   Chiangjiang with two different logos and Huashan. Also is shown the different logos on camera backs. These are copies of the Russian Smena.

In the previous page it was shown a Chiangjiang 200mm 1:2 lens from the same factory with the same logo shown in the first picture.





Chiangjiang with old logo


Hua Shan




And two more Huashan   


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