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hiyoda SK-100

WWII Japanese Military Aerial Camera

This nice WWII aerial camera in 11.5 x 16cm format was produced by Chiyoda Optical Company for the Japanese Army Airforce.

The camera carries the SK-100 ID tag serial number 955 and the Army's star marking

The camera slide-out spirit level, fold-up view finder, mounting ring, helically extended lens hood, glass platten and gold safety cord.

The lenses are the Rokuoh-sha f/3.5 20cm Hexar IIA bayonet mount interchanging with the Konishiroku Tele-Hexar f/5.6 40cm lens.

The chest's lid has a placard with the chest's contents. Includes an electrical cord to use the airplane's power to run the camera's internal heater and an extra glass film platten. In the right bottom of the chest is the canvas carrying case with shoulder strap which contains the Tele-Hexar lens.Bayonet pins on its front attaches the 4 yellow included filters. Also contains a film spool with leader attached and the camera


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