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Corfield 66


6x6cm SLR, very rare (production approx. 300 cameras) with interchangeable (Enna built) Lumax 3.5/90mm no.2212194 (pic 1, pic 3), (Rada built) Corfield rollfilm adapter 6x6cm (pic 2).

Very clever and unique  simple basic camera whose body has only a focal plane shutter 1/20 to 1/1000 and B. Synchonized for electronic flash at 1/30, in the internal of the side shoe. This camera has a removable folding finder with the front plate in stamped aluminium and all fabric around. The body  is intended to be compatible with other finders like Pentacon Six/Praktisix, Rolleiflex and Hasselblad prism finders. The large throat lens sit receives an special removable adapter (deail at pic 3) to mount the original lens. No other lens was intended to be built because there were planned adapters for Hasselblad 1000, Reflex Korelle, Agiflex, Primarflex, Master Korelle, Praktisix, Exakta 66, as well as  Plaubel and Linhof lenses or any bellows type camera. The Real Global Concept! This in 1961! 

Year: 1961
Serial no. AA001 18




pic 1

  pic 2

pic 3


pic 4


In the upper diagram we see the main body with all detachable elements.

This is the camera delivered kit.


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