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DeJur Internalionale GmbH,  




A revolutionaire idea the “Revolette”.

It is a combination of two camera bodies with two Prontor SVS shutters and two Objectives.

Here shown with two Staeble lenses the Kata 2.8/45mm and the Telexon 5.6/85mm.

In the middle of the camera there are two  Galilean finders for both focal lengths.


The assembly can be used for taking pictures simultaneous or independently with twin perspectives.

When equiped with equal lenses  could also be used for stereo vertical pictures.


This camera was shown at 1954 Photokina Köln and was specially prepared for DeJur-Amsco Corporation of New York U.S.A.  by Karl Neidig Kamerawerk in Plankstadt  Germany, the maker of Perlux cameras.

The following pictures show the normal DeJur D-1 with changeable lenses.






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