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Hungarian Cameras

Mometta Junior with  Jena Biotar 1,5/75 and Nikon universal finder

Mometta junior and GONOR lens


Mechanical comparison Mometta and Leica

Gonor objective schematics


Duflex view details

DUTO – DUlovitz – TOth  soft focus lenses and Duflex case

Momikon and Mometa cameras

Work medal to Mometta cameras

Momikon and Mometta

Mometta Junior

Mometta II

Mometta III

Virax 35+ YMMAR 3.5/50

Virax 35P + PANNONAR 4/35 and  YMMAR 4/80

Mometta Junior + Ymmar 3.5/50





Another interesting development was the Correcta which has some resemblances to Praktina.

Correcta and TRIPLET 4/135



Correcta and TRIPLET 4/135


Correcta rear view

Correcta bottom view and TRIPLET 4/135

Praktina câmera for comparison



Original Momikon

Virax 35R


Virax 35P

Gonor 4/35; Ymmar 4/80 e Hunor  2/50

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