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Elektromosipari Gépalkatrész: Kinobox (DS-2)

Pioneer and intriguing camera. Was an up-scale box camera built in large quantity for children and tourists intended to easy handling with good picture quality.


Kinobox Typ: DS-2


Achroplan DS 1:8 45mm

Gyártási év



Elektromosipari Gépalkatrész és Szerszámkészítő KTSz.

The camera was a fixed focus type like many other in the subsequent years, but its Achroplan lens introduced the conception of a front meniscus and a parallel flint glass at middle and a fixed diaphragm at rear. This arrangement gave a better overall chromatic corrections and more definition at the hyperfocal range.


The camera was of simple mechanical conception theoretically offering 45 pictures 24x32mm in special 35mm with a long tongue of paper ar the beginning and at the end not for use the popularly known cans.

The red arrow oscillates while the film is being wound and a click is heard when the right space is advanced.

Although there are no sprockets, only two rubber reels (noted by the arrows) with insufficient pressure, giving so a random spacing.

Today with dry rubbers the problem is indoubtly higher. 

The camera only advances film with no rewind.

At the internal side of the bakelit body we see the spool fork.

The additive counter is manually set on zero.

The camera has no automatic stop, (you must watch the counter) nor double exposure prevention. (you must count on your own abilities.

Kinobox second series drawing of the (1958 type).

The camera was built by the Cooperative Elektromosipari Gépalkatrész és Szerszámkészítő KTSz


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