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LEICA: Leicaflex 18x24

LEICAFLEX 18x24 with special Summicron 2/35mm (a unique design by Helmut Müller). The camera is completely different to all other Leica cameras. It is equipped with a Rotor shutter, the mechanics are related to Olympus Pen F cameras. According to the development order from April 1962 (attached with this lot), Leica started to built a half-frame SLR. In January 1967 the project was stopped, due to the slump of sales of half-frame cameras. (attached the original document from the development department of Leica regarding this decision). This is the only completely finished camera built by Willi Franke in 5 years of development. Unique and sensational collectors item, historically very important. Illustrated in "25 Jahre Leica Historica, Beiträge zur Geschichte der Leica" page 257 and McKeown's "Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras" 12th Edition, page 608 - the camera and lens are in very good condition (c.1965)

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