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New Krupformat

A complete unknown Russian Large format camera. 

This 9x12 format camera and was shown at Brussels Fair 1958. 

The pictures were taken from Sovietskoe Foto magazine November 1957 

Design of  A.Vorozhbit



Photo 1. The General view of the camera



Photo 2. The camera with the basic accessories:

Range-viewfinder with parallax compensation / Camera bag / Instant film back and bag / Rollfilm adapter (60mm) / Plate chassis.


Photo 3. The camera with turned back




Photo 4. The camera with range viewfinder and detachable handle





Revolving back. German and Graflex compatible single or double chassis 9x12 & 4x5”

Closed dimensions: 160х160х85 mm (160x160x55mm without back movement)

Opened base positions: 90º for normal use, 105º for wide angle use.

Front displacement : +/-17 mm,

Fall =5 mm (when base  is at 90º. Much more with base at 105º), Rise = 30 mm

Rotation +/-10 ° (vertical axis) 15 ° (horizontal)

weight  with  basic objective:  2,2 kg

Back movement 60mm (on each corner)

Full bellows movement = 280mm

Sheet film, Roll film “Rada” type  and “Moment” back Polaroid type

Two position handle gripping.

Uncoupled rangefinder having optical finder for 140/135mm and 80mm fields and parallax compensation

Focusing via matte screen but camera has an universal scale of distances which allows the use of any objective from 9,0 up to 21,0 cm focal length

Objectives  Plate coupling  “Industar -55” 1:4.5/140mm and “Orion” 1:6;3/80mm giving 86º horizontal coverage.

“Moment” shutter size 0  B-1 – 1/250 “X” synchro  shared by the two lenses. (this is the same shutter used on Moskva cameras.



Pic. 13. Camera 9x12cm: (from instruction manual)

1- camera, 2- objective, 3 camera cover, 4- rack and pinion, 5 - chassis holder, 6- plate chassis, 7- rollfilm adapter, 8 – adapter for instant pictures “Moment”, 9- objective board, 10- color filters


Photo 5. The camera positioned for be used with wide angle lens


Photo 6. The camera mounted with the film adapter and the range -view-finder


Photo 7. The camera seen with the board fitting  interchangeable objective 

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