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Noble 3-35

We see here the Noble 3-35.

This camera produced in small quantities 1961/1962 used three 35 films, radially mounted in a turn around internal barrel.

Used a f2/50mm Schneider normal lens of Diax design.  Have telephoto and wide angle  Soligor lenses built for Argus C3 . Uses Sandmar Universal finder designed for Argus C44 and has a Viewfinder/coupled rangefinder based on Medalist camera.

The large size Synchro Compur is of the same standard used on Linhof 4x5 Super-Technika.


                                                                                                          Courtesy Marty Magid

Samuel Noble and his camera. Camera from the George Eastman Museum

Always drawn to photography, Sam operated a photo finishing business in the 1950s while living in Harper Woods, MI. He later opened a camera manufacturing company where he built a unique 35mm camera designed to hold three rolls of film at one time allowing a photographer to quickly change between film types. Later he partnered with Charles Helin, inventor of the Flatfish fishing lure, to manufacture the first pocket camera utilizing a film cartridge.



Samuel Noble & Charles Helin, film cartridge pocket camera.


Patent Draft

Plastic Developments Corporation Version

Telephoto mounted camera.

Brazilian made “Tekinha” from Frata. 

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