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Two Camera Prototypes 


British Camera Prototype for 35mm

Pocket unknown camera-prototype Made in England. No maker’s information, camera type or series number. Three picture sizes: 18x24mm, 24x24mm and 24x36mm in 35mm film. Stamped steel body, all mechanical parts are also steel made, Objective Goerz Hypar 3,5/2inch in Goerz inter-lens leaf shutter. Special cartridges for 250 pictures (in largest size format), the negative format could be adjusted for simple from the outside with a lever rotation without picture loss. Three size aerial finder, frame counter, includes both reloadable special cassettes. An unique and original construction previous from Leica marketing  Eine sensationelle, absolut originelle Konstruktion, vermutlich deutlich früher als die Leica. Compact pocketable camera.

Year: c.1920





French Prototype for 24x36mm

French prototype for 24x36mm size all aluminium construction Boyer Paris Saphir 3,5/50mm lens in Compur-Shutter. An very interesting hand built camera from the beginning of the miniature size photography!

Year: c.1930



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