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Realist Macro Stereo


 “ ... the ordinary photograph, invaluable as it is for many purposes, fails to provide a truthful impression of the picture seen by the eyes.”

A.                      W. Judge , 1926 








Stereo Realist

Seton Rochwite almost single handedly created the American post war stereo boom. The Realist design established the 5 perf "Realist" format, which was followed by all subsequent American stereo cameras. He went on to design the Kin-Dar and Contura cameras, as well as the Hyponar macro stereo lens for the Exakta.

Designed by Seton Rochwite and made by the David White Company, the Stereo Realist is the best selling Stereo Camera of all time. It is a stereo camera with rangefinder focusing and takes photos in the 5p stereo format (also known as Realist format).



Realist Macro Stereo

The rarest Realist was a highly specialized macro stereo outfit. If you could focus a regular stereo camera to within a few inches, the results would not be visually pleasing. By moving the lenses close together, we can maintain "normal" apparent depth at very close distances. As a fixed focus camera, the Realist Macro was usable only for close-up work

Popularity of the camera continued into the 60s. In 1971, the Realist Stereo Macro was added to the line of cameras.

Today, the trademark is owned by John J. Zelenka, a stereo photographer.









Five close up lenses with rods:  Distances  70, 50, 40, 35, and 25 mm


Fixed focus Ilex 35mm f8 lenses diaphragm permanently set at f/16 and Ilex shutter T B 1 to 1/125

The computer flash gives the correct exposure. 


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