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The very first prototype of the Italian Leica copy produced by Telemaco Corsi, the inventor of the Rectaflex camera, who was interested to build a camera to compete with the Leica M3. With design differences to the later prototype stage, for example the "Recta" engraving in hand-writing style unlike the later machine-styled engraving, smaller front plate surrounding the M39 lens mount, no screw on front for the rangefinder adjustment, etc.

With Angenieux 50 mm f/2.9 Type Z2 Nr. 146349. Chassis Nr. 028972. Inside „A-1262“ written in pencil. Professionally restored with original and matching period Rectaflex parts. The very closely related prototype camera Director 35, illustrated in Marco Antonetto`s book, which is based on the Recta and was also developed by Telemaco Corsi, is equipped with the Angenieux 5 cm f/2.9 with close serial number 146460. The Rangefinder cameras of Rectaflex never went into serial production and it is believed that production has not exceeded 10 prototype cameras. Only 4 cameras are known to us, including the very first prototype offered here (1001, 1004, 1006, 1007).

Literature: Marco Antonetto, „Rectaflex The Magic Reflex“, p. 67, 68, 180ff.; Marco Antonetto & Mario Malavolti, „MADE IN ITALY Italian Cameras“, p. 179; Hans P. Rajner, „Leica Copies by HPR“, p. 109, 110; Pont / Princelle, „300 Leica copies“, p. 154, 155; Patrice-Hervè Pont, „Rectaflex „La Reflex Magica“ Un Chef D'Œuvre Italien“, p. 54, 55. All illustrating camera number 1006 (with chassis Nr. 031284).

Serial Number: 1001
Production Year: ca. 1954




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