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Rothschloss & Schlossmann Berlin

Rothschloss 1930 

Rothschloss, 1930 Rothgiesser & Schlossmann, Berlin. Very rare TLR for 18 x 24 mm. Steinheil "Triplar 2,8/5 cm", no. 518175. Engraved: VL. Mostly offered with Rothschloss "Anastigmat 1:3,5", Compur up to 1/300 sec. Oddly original focusing magnifying glass and original maker's case ("Rothschloss"!).

=A fascinating item! =


Rothschloss 1924 

Rothschloss, 1924 Rothgiesser & Schlossmann, Berlin.  Also a rare TLR for  4.5 x 6 cm on BII-8 film. Berlin Super Acromat   11/7 cm",  fixed focusing, Shutter for Instant (~1/30) and Time.  Brilliant full size reflecting viewfinder. Oddly unit of a pre-Rolleiflex camera ! "Rothschloss" engraved in viewfinder cover.

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