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This is a very rare soviet experimental police camera SELENA .

This camera is an experimental model of "Belomo" cameras created in the end of the 1990s.
Primarily it was designed for its service in traffic police.
The original construction of the camera allows it to be fixed on police vehicles or stationary speed control stations.
The camera makes possible to shoot fast moving objects (vehicles’ registration numbers which helps to identify the speeder) with great preciseness.
However, to use it on speed control posts was rather inconvenient, so the cameras moved to police vehicles.
Here it also wasn’t a success as not every police officer could use it correctly and efficiently.
Therefore, the experiment flopped, and the whole small series of the camera went back to the factory.
Later on all these cameras, being a special purpose development, was dissembled.

The camera comes with two lenses: Jupiter 39 and 38 that allow shooting at the distance of 24-85m or 13-41m,
correspondingly. Besides, along with the camera and the lenses, the kit includes:

1. Four reels for voluntary loading
2. A 30-meter cassette
3. A view-finder
4. Lens Covers
5. A special case for the camera

Jupiter 38   f   4/75mm   5 element
Jupiter 39   f5.6/135mm  5 element

Selena was also this automatic camera , forerunner of Sokol also produced by LOMO

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