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Tiranty Summa Report

Very rare Italian press Twin lens paired camera for 6x9cm.  Two pairs of lenses on a turret, let you choose two picture angles. Complete with Schneider Angulon 6.8 / 65mm and Xenar 4.5 / 105mm lenses, viewing lenses Galileo Reflar 3.5 / 65mm and 4 / 105mm. Focusing is accomplished through rear movement. Original rollfilm magazine, cassettes, strap, original Summa case
Year: 1955
Serial nº. 115

Camera and roll film magazine


Camera outfit  including case, plateholders and roll film magazine




Rear view with wire frame down  and one plate holder in position



Rear view with wire frame in upper position. Clearly visible the two frame limiters for the wide angle and telephoto fields of view. The ocular is used to focus the chosen lens. One plate holder in position




View from the top . Focusing scales for the two lenses and two shoes provides for using two flashes.


Bottom view seeing two screw holders for the two tripod nut standard sizes , the two built-in handles, the left hand bottom firing buttom and in the top right hand handle, the built-in focusing knob.


Front camera view seeing the focusing knob into the right handle top


Turret detail 1


Turret detail 2


Turret detail 3





Magazine detail. It is a modified Rada type magazine with  new counter and a new removable mask


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