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Stereo Ukaphot 

Ukaphot, v.Rötel, Zeller & Co. oGH,  Lindau


A so-called high-speed photo automat, i.e. a twin lens reflex camera with Xenar 4,5/180mm in Compound shutter with parallax correction. As copy material a special auto developing reversal paper was supplied in 50 m X 10 cm length/width rolls. The copy format was 10x14 cm or 7x10 cm. Several formats  could be choosen within these sizes. A cartridge in the front of the camera is intended to hold the ready pictures. Laboratory equipment and chemicals for the development of the reversal papers likewise available. There was also an "Opticop" equipment used for optical copying of the ready positives, since the process gives no negatives. The front device is used to produce  two pictures at an instance or prepare printed stereo pictures.

News from Photokina 1956

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