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Voigtländer Prototypes -1

From Voigtländer Museum


Vito prototypes

Havana colour, 24x36mm for 35mm Film, with Prontor S 3,5/50 mm Skopar


Variation with reversible sunshade. Same specifications, Black finish.

Variation with rangefinder Synchro Compur and Ultron lens 1.9/50mm. Blue leather finish.

Compact body study.  Fully auto cocking 35mm Film, with 1,9/50 mm Ultron


Super Perkeo 176. Uncoupled rangefinder and exposure meter Vaskar and Prontor SVS


Superb study: 6x6 type.  Cranck film advance Skopar 3.5/80mm Synchro Compur

Superb study for Professionals: 6x6 type. Changeable optical block  Cranck film advance Ultron 2.3/80mm Synchro Compur. Clever left hand thumb holder.

Other optics on study.

Extraordinary simple camera for the amateur Brilliant type. All controls in simple switches regulate speed, aperture and focus at a time. Color Skopar 3.5/80mm

Electronic Bessaflex made by Mamiya. Mamiya-Skopar 1.8/50mm in QBM bayonet.

Zoomar 1:4/50…120 for Bessamatic and Ultramatic. This camera has its roots in the Universal Kilfitt shown below .


This prototype is the same Vito III but has no bellows. Helical focusing and rigid body Synchro Compur ans Ultron 1.9/50mm