b)  Other  Accessories: 


5 The Super Lubikin transforms the new Lubitel 166 + into a 35mm câmera . gives opition of conventional 24x36mm with auto stop and 33x58 with a revolving indicator, informing the exact panoramic advance. Together Pentaprismatic finder or Chimney  with angular finders turns the Lubitel 166+ a convinent 35mm camera.

The 35mm film in the new Lubitel 166 + brings a very convenient “portrait camera”.



The Large Knob fits ofver the original Lubitel 166 + advance button. Has a center hole to give access to the clutch button. Can be used together the Wooden hand grip. Lightens the effort of fingers during film advance. Not recommended when using 35mm.



7 The Wooden hand grip easier the new Lubitel 166 + handling. It comfortably enables the film winding and gives a solid feel in hands. Made od wood and metal, is patterned under the famous AK-47 machine gun handle in order to give a touch of class. To your camera.

A must!




8 *The two sets of Close –up lenses extends its photographic scope of the Lubitel 166+ camera down to very short distances. The set is composed of two matched pairs of meniscus plus lenses. A pair of  +1.5 Diopters  and a pair of +2.5 D.  Together, they reach +4D. In the new Lubitel 166+ we reach distances of  0.36m, 0.26m, and 0.19m respectively. Use with the proper masks 4, 5 or 6 acording to the format used, for parallax compensation. In critical operations use the CS head.

They come in 27mm slip-on mount.

So you can use the sunshade and the filter without interfering each other.




9 *The sunshade. This is a different kind of sunshade. It has a double function, not only a simple light protection but it is also an adapter, extending the usage potencial of the Lubitel 166+ camera. It is composed of two parts: the first one permits using of common 49mm filters on 40.5 original Lubitel T22 lens thread. The second, coupled to the first is internally deep threaded for Series VII optical accessories such as  wide angle , macro or fish eye auxiliary lenses. This same accessory can be used on Zorki, FED, Kiev, Contax, normal lenses, and various other cameras. Only Lubitel offers so much!.


This accessory can be complemented by the set 34/27=34/42/27  sharing Seagull cameras on the Lubitel accessories range.


10a * The Original Head has large angular movements. 200° Meridian turn around all 360°circular positions.






10b* The Original Tripod is a rigid tripod with detachable legs that can be mounted in high or low positions. One of its legs can recieve a shoe for flash mounting, with a choice of two positions.





11* The Head with Click-stop positions this head has a bubble level and screws in the tripod bush of the new Lubitel 166+ camera. It turns around in 45° click stops. Using normal 6x6 or 4.5x6 formats and the camerqa on a tripod, one can shoot a discrete series of pictures for a 360° panoramic composition  format.



12 *The CS Head has multiple uses. In Vertical position may be used as parallax compensator at close distances. In Horizontal position, displaces de camera for stereo pictures. Pictures at left. demonstrates its possibility. Movements:

42mm left or upper, 23mm right. Total displacement 65mm.



13* The Twin Holding Position C-Clamp is intended to hold a ball joint head and use a table, chair, door or window as a steady fixing place for the camera. Two screw points broaden its useability.



14 The Angle finder or Pipe finder is a miniature reflex finder coupled to a critical focuser. It has several uses in 35mm camera and again in our Lubitel 166+, broadening the scope of the Chimney Finder.. It reverses the image like a pentaprism when used at rear finding position (eye level) and has not the wheight of conventional pentaprisms. Can also be used  in vertical position with the camera side tilted.



15 *The Fotoeksponometr or Foto Exposure Meter recalls the old photographic days. Easy to use and completely proven by experts. It is a calculator table for every photographic situation. Month of the year, Subject condition, Weather, Artificial lighted interiors, and light source to subject. This calculator and is tested for  modern films.

Printed in English language and two models: FS1 and FS2 tor North and South hemisphere.








Exploring the Endless





Yes, Lubitel 166+ * can shoot continous 360° panoramas



           16- Lubipan-Holist  an interesting project based on the Valia Pachkovsky proposal brings you a 120 camera for 45° to 360° pictures.

Includes complete adapter, mask, sunshade and 90° reflex finder.


* The same set-up can be used on Seagull 4B-1 cameras.


Lubitel 166+  can also shoots underwater!





17- Lubi-Krab Plastic underwater housings. Astonishing underwater pictures in the professional 6x6 format!

















Auxiliary Scanner Illuminator



18- Shock As a matter of fact we can not ignore these digital days, The Lomographic Society is in permanent aware, and as a top World leader of analogic process, and making efforts in reintroducing the 120 film type as an amateur and professional basis of the high quality photography, the Lomographic Society  is now marrying the best of both worlds.  being so, we are now offering an up to date accessory for you doing yourself at home all types of print from Lubitel negatives. This device is an auxiliary illuminator complementing all existing document scanners or hybrid devices on the market. Can be used both by professionals or amateurs alike, With this set we can scan all negatives or slides using the same yet programmed soft that comes in your  scanner. The device can be used on  both A4 and A3 scanners enabling up to a full and direct printing of the 360° pictures taken with the Lubitel 166+ without any needed jointing programs, as well as any pictures taken in 135, 120 or 220 film by any other similar camera. It is also useful for other formats  including 4X5” and 9x12cm. Comes with a set of two black matte masks and a high frequency feeding fountain to prevent light fringes occuring on the common scanning methods.




Auxiliary 6X7 (56X 72mm) Slide Viewing





19- Plenascope & Plenalux Here lays the highest pinnacle of the quality photography presentation. - Pictures made in colorful transparencies. Nothing can match the breath taking quality of a well made slide, even the best today sophisticated electronics system. The warm feeling of such presentation mode is really timeless. One have the Real image! Not a Virtual Image. Mankind dramed at least some 23 centuries to see this extraordinay conquest of the XXth Century Technology.  Now, Plenascope and Plenalux, both make this art slice of art be seen in the best classic way. The way people were fascinated by more than a century. Direct viewing through 100mm field enlarging lens on Plenascope or projecting in an aluminium beaded screen through the high intensity lit Plenalux projector. These devides handle all sizes of pictures from 35mm up to 6x7cm including the traditional 6x6 Lubitel 166+ and Seagull sizes.     



* These accessories also fit Seagull cameras.