“ Lubitel+ ”  is for Lovers… for great picture makers.

Engineering the Lubitel+

The Engineering of the new Lubitel+ is an endless pool of consolidated ideas born since the beginning of the Photography and now put in a single unit. This proves that simplicity is the most capable of tools. The recreation of the myth could not stay behind the great camera projects. By this same reason the same original Lubitel+ project is now used to perform the most sought after camera of the XXth Century which was not superseded up to now. The 1954 Super Wide Hasselblad, and still made with minor modifications. Now, at a fraction of its inspiration price, the Lubitel+ adapts itself to performer the 38mm 4.5 Hasselblad Biogon lens and offer more… a true convertible TLR and also offers the 35mm kit ….and Macro capabilities.



The Historic 1954 Hasselblad Super Wide.


The New Super Wide Lubitel Universal 166 + Kit

With macro capabilities




characteristics of the Lubitel+ SWL

Eye level scale focusing 6x6; 4.5x6 and 35mm camera with wide angle conversion 0.42 x over 75mm triplet 4.5 lens. Gives true 35mm wide angle lens and enormous macro capabilities in a very simplified way..

The Magic Sun Shade

The complete optical set:

The knock down wide angle, in which the rear element is used for macro take up.

The transparent tube correct the take um distance of focusing lens and propitiates even  and shade less illumination.

The fitting accessoy:

The new top cover and finder.