Description of items:


a)  The viewing system: 


A - The Screens:


o       CS the Clear-Field+Sigmometer, The quick focusing method

o       FMS the Coarse-Fresnel+Micro-Raster, The  Classic for all

o       TF Fine-Fresnel screens. The Depth visualizer






B - The Field Indicators:


·        These are auxiliary Field Indicator masks, aids in composition of pictures.

o       A the Square,

o       B the Round

o       C the Classic.




C -The Masks:



Acording to the used format, a third Limiter Mask (six choices) could be inserted

1.    = Full 6X6

2.    = Full 4.5X6

3.    = Full 33X58

4.    = Parallax compensated 6X6

5.    = Parallax compensated 4.5X6 

6.    = Full  & Parallax compensated 24X36




1   The Stereo Viewfinder, can be considered as the most spetacular and atracting accessory, making the birth of the high end photographic enthusiasm to each one who sees it. It is placed au lieu of the regular hood. Can be operated with or without its special hood, which offers an exceptional added brilliace. The photographer can see thus, with both eyes, focusing in magnificent stereo vision, This possibility brings a  full vision of the subject and the truth about the picture to be taken, this comfortable viewing system atracts people to a better concentration during the photographing process turning each picture a trully pictorial art. No other camera can offer so much! – best operates with the Fine-Fresnel screen.



2   The Pentaprismatic finder, puts your eye through the viewing lens giving a SLR quality image. Put the Lubitel 166+ as an eye level camera  Differently from heavy pentaprism of medium format cameras, this one is very light, once it is built of plastics and uses pentaprism from 35mm cameras in a special arrangement for full frame coverage. It gives 0.8X image size and can be operated with all screen types. The high aperture viewing lens favours the Stigmometer Screen for rangefinder focusing in any light condition






3  The Chimney Finder  is used for critical focusing and composition. It is nor recommended for quck action shots , but for model and still life “nature mort” type pictures. This finder has a squared slot in its eyepiece, that way, one can use any angle finder for 35mm cameras in two positions, for rear finding , when you have the same action of the pentaprism or for lateral viewing  when using the camera in vertical shots on 120 or horizontal shots on 135 films




 4 The Albada Sport Finder puts the new Lubitel 166 + as a press type camera, operating on zone distances. At eye level. This is the real extra quick operating finder. It borrows the same proven optical finder system from  LOMO LC-A +.  The extra shoe enables one to use an auxiliary finder when a converter is used over the main lens.





Note: - About finders:

The Stereo finder, the Pentaprism finder and the Chimney finder, all have two slots for using masks and field indicaltor. Also all have provision for opitional screen changing