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35mm Italian Jewels


This is the ONLY known prototype of the rarest Italian Leica copy,
the elusive Borletti ! Even the Galileo Eptamitar 50/2 lens is a "no name" one, # 228360.




What is extraordinary, this LONE prototype is almost completely made in a gorgeous
STAINLESS STEEEL, that, as always at his time (1949/50) has a "yellowish"
tone, the same we find on the also SS made Italian Kristall II and III...



Janua # 450193, with case (ex), probably the finest Leica copy ever made, a superb,
innovative Italian camera made by San Giorgio (Genova 1948-1951).



The camera has
been designed with: selftimer, film cutter, extinction meter, and a VERY long base
rangefinder. The San Giorgio "Essegi" 50/3.5 lens is beautifully made,
collapsible and very flat, despite fitted with a special bayonet
mount. A very rare camera.

Parva San Giorgio

Ultra miniature, uses 16mm film only 10 units built.


Rectaflex Rotor

Rectaflex Rotor with original "Rotor" engravings # 30653, for three rotating lenses,
very interesting, unique, special model of the sole Italian SLR camera !



The Rectaflex has  up to 1/1300° shutter speeds, technically a top model, with RUBIS, at slow speed gears spindle tips.


If you want to see details of those and also:


Ducati Sogno

Minature half frame camera.

Gamma 47

Rigid metal focal plane shutter


Gamma Perla

Central shutter non changeable camera 1:1 rangefinder


Galileo Gami

Officine Galileo

Film cassete for 16mm film

Gamma Condor II

Officine Galileo



Industria Scientifica Ottica SRL

Camera and Stereo Picture finder

Macro lenses and frames

Macro Stative

The mounting press


Luxia II ”GOLD”

Construzioni Ottico Meccaniche (COMI) Half frame camera

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Luigi Crescenti and prototype Leicas.

Back row:  First model II with Summar lens (at left tray);  Original Barnack Panoramic;   Compur type with non rotating shutter. Prototype nº3 with variable slit and lens (at right tray).

Middle row: Two Leicas: Fully operational model with rotary two lens turret, and dummy camera with two lens changing slide lens panel for study.

Left side: two Leicas for rangewfinder study: The black one has vertical RF; the brown one has horizontal RF. This would be the type adopted on future models II and III.

Front center row: Special 200mm finder with focusing and parallax habilities, Spring driven motor drive prototype,with crank loading(Mooly forerunner); Stereo lens pair prototype(50mm lenses)with view finder mask.

Left side: Fixed focus quick use wide angle Elmar , Quick wind base prototype(Rapid wind and Leicavit forerunner).

Identification: Luiz Paracampo

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