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A very interesting camera  from  Franz Neubert.  The idea was first was first shown in the Neucaflex born from 1946 Neuca camera. It was   a reflex camera using the same basic idea of Leica and having a common share of lenses. This camera was provided by a periscopic finder enabling direct focusing through a round ground glass with 5X magnification in the exact center of the image.  It had also a movable pentaprism that in the moment of taking the picture gets out of the viewing optical path. The mirror gets out from the frame line and a reversed Newton finder is unveiled for framing. When the factory went from Jena to Flensburg a new model with the same basis was designed. This one sharing the same 39mm mount had a new register  of 45.5mm. A third model was made. this one sharing a similar mount to Exakta camras but with a different locking device.








How it works:


The following pictures show the operation principles of such cameras.


In this picture – Elements in the focusing position



In this picture – Elements in the picture taking position.

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