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Here we can see views of a very strange and unknown cameras of the Soviet production. Extremely rare and seldom encountered, this model was a development of the former TSVVS, and technically a step ahead, inspiring the then new  FED 2 . As some of the TSVVS of 1949/ 1950 they have no name or manufacturer indication, but their finishing denotes the same Almaz manufacture. These cameras were probably made to be a gift to high order officials and members of the Party.  The FED philosophy was always present. As in the previous known model, this camera is a departure from the FED: now, the model 2 uses the original normal inner Contax lens mount. This new model has although very interesting improvements. Fist of all, they have the same bayonet that now is complete and can receive all range of interchangeable lenses, once there is present the outer Contax bayonet mount. Film sensibility reminder marked in DIN scale. Everything is coupled to the same wide base FED 2 range/viewfinder, now with an external wheel focusing following Contax schematics. This viewfinder has a diopter adjusting ring around the ocular, which style will be only used in the future FED 3. In the front panel there is a vertical interchangeable slide frame limiting the viewfinder field for rangefinder use in 85 and 135mm lenses, reminiscences of the original Contax I , Now the base and back is a one piece, also removable the same way some later original TSVVS, also à la Contax style. The great improvement however is the presence of the slow speed mechanism, unseen in FED 2 cameras. It operates in the “B” position of the high speed dial. One has to set the desired speed and cock the slow speed dial on each chosen slow speed previously to take a picture. This layout follows the known Reflex Korelle .Cameras had three plug contacts for “M” and “X” , reminding the Exakta and Rodina (the first one is modified for PC) . Some characteristics of this camera can be found in the later model 1 in the site:

We include a FED 2 picture for comparison of the controls placement.

Probable Year of manufacture -1956
The last picture was personally given by Dr Milos Mladek









*Two pictures show TSVVS2? in three positions clarifying camera controls.




*This picture shows TSVVS2? and FED2 similarities.





*Another one compares the bayonet distance decaling angle of TSVVS2 ,TSVVS original Kiev/Contax (the largest angle) and Nikon. -Angle position was chosen to be between infinity and 1.5m (or equivalent).


*The following picture shows a comparison of controls placement of TSVVS2 and Nikon of the same vintage.




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