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The reversed LEICA!

 Very interesting thing!!! Working copy of original Leica-1a, made for left hand, very nice.

This is a masterpiece recently made by independent camera repairers and refurbishers in Russia.

Each piece is a copy of the original Leica I of 1930 - In Reverse! In order to use standard 35mm, even the cassette must be reversed!

Let’s see this marvel!



This is the camera. Every part is new and is not used from any other camera. The lens was made exactly as original Leica but locking hockey stick and focusing thread are reversed. Lens elements come from new Industar 95 - 3.5/50 enlarging lens.



From the top we see that buttons run in the reverse sense and speed dial and frame counter also display a reversed scale.



The shutter fires left side and the clutch also operates in reverse. Even the mechanics internal springs are wound the reverse way.



The body copies every detail of original Leica, up to the focusing window in the back



The lock is also reversed as well as the tripod bush



All mechanics equals the mirror image of original Leica.

The loading instructions also copies original Leica but reversed!



Exact right locking pin is now placed in the left side.


 Another view of the camera all optics are coated including finder. The leather and screws also duplicates the original finishing.

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