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Conceived by the genius Lucién Doddin, the same man of the Alsaphot 6 x 9 , and the inventor of the stigmometer, and the raster focusing screen (the center split image and the enhaced defocusing collar used in all modern SLR cameras),  Alsaflex was an original breakthrough in camera design.

*Crank film advance, *24 x 24 mm frame on 35mm film, *Porro type prismatic viewfinder, *Interchangeable lenses,  *Automatic diaphragm bayonet mount lenses, *Decentering mounting plate for prespective control, *Opening back for single shot capabilities,  *Fan type metal focal plane shutter, *Speeds from 1 sec to 1/2400 and *Bulb and Electronic flash synchro in all speeds!

Absolutely unreached technology in no camera up to nowadays!

Announced in 1949, prototype shown in 1950, and series production from 1952. is devinitively the most advanced design in 35mm SLR cameras the world has ever seen!












Alsaphot Dudragne


Simplified version of the Alsaflex in scientific version. Those bodies came with the Dudragne retinographs and had only « X » synch and 1/100 speed. The swinging mirror had a different architeture. Production from 1956.











Alsaphot Alsaflex

Sehr seltene Kamera, Filmformat 24x24mm, mit Royer Saphir 2,8/50mm Nr.527553 auf einer speziellen Platine mit Bajonettverschluss angebracht

Zustand: B
Jahr: c.1940
Serial no. 410256




Article on Photo Almanac Prisma 1950




Two advertisings on Photo Almanac Prisma 1952







Shutter system on Alsaflex


Plate decentering on Alsaflex



Light path on Alsaflex (top) and Dudragne Alasaphot (bottom)



The idea was taken by Olympus Pen F in finder and shutter although only up to 1/500.



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