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Alsaphot Cyclope

Made by Alsaphot France the inventor of Alsaflex the first camera to use rotary focal plane shutter synchronizing strobe at 1/1000 ! 1952 ! Forerunner of Olympus Pen-F.

6x9cm viewfinder camera of unique design, rare model with luminous objective Saphir 3,5/105mm Nr.474650 in Prontor SV,  There were also vesions with 4.5 lenses  and Prontor II or eventually Prontor S. This unique design uses internal mirrors to reduce the volume, eliminate the bellows, struds, give more rigity to the body unit, and minimize parallax. In the bottom, you can see the optical diagram.
Year: 1953

general view

Close view of shutter and lens assembly

Rear view of the camera

Top view

Bottom view

Optical Diagram

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