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 Interesting Leica Forerunner "Argus", 1921 (Italy) 

Interesting Leica Forerunner "Argus", 1921, from Francesco Morsolin, Turin, Italy. Similar to Krauss Eka or Amourette. For unperforated 35-mm rollfilm. Serial number 289. Additional sign "Nettel". Meyer lens "Helioplan 6/53", no. 231174. Pronto shutter. Helical focusing. - Literature: 1)Michel Auer, no. 1414. - 2) John Wade, "Breve storia della fotografia", Rome 1980, p. 133. - Exceptionally rare! Probably made by German manufacturer and distributed in Italy, the lens might confirm this, too! This practice was quite common in these days.

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