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Argus USA



Argus the most known and diffused camera prepared such interesting prototype just at the end of the first rangefinder era. Unhappily it did not reach the market







This is a further development of the previous C-44 type, now incorporating the original revolving universal finder of the first series, coupling it to the rangefinder.

The main mechanical improvement is the lever advance addition.



This C-5 model, shares the same optics of  C-44




Above a C-44 camera and below a universal finder of the first series type, whose optics are used in the C-5 prototype





Below  the three common lenses of  C-44:

Cintagon 4.5/35;  Cintagon  4/100 and Cintar 2.8/50



c4435mm.jpg c44100mm.jpg 



Here, the rare Cintagon  1.9/50 in a second series lever advance C-44-R with coupled exposure meter.





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