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Astro X

A single specimen of a 35 mm handheld camera was made to take photographs of the lunar surface during the never realized Soviet effort to land a cosmonaut on the moon between the years of 1969-1974. This camera was part of a lunar module (LK) space-suit "Krechet" Extravehicular Lunar spacesuit. The 35 mm photographic device is equipped with three objective lenses that form three stereo mates on film. It has a mechanical shutter and a release button on its surface and a removable cassette and external power supply fixed to the space-suit. Viewfinding is performed with the help of removable frames, which are also part of the space-suit set. This camera is a one of a kind, produced at the Ukrainian Defense Complex factory during 1968-1969, passed state inspection and is stamped with the mark "top secret".

You may see following links to get more information about space programs this camera was produced for. "Soviet Union Manned Lunar Program" "Moon Race".

courtesy Aleksey Stasenko


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