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"Autolikon 645"


Scientific research technological institute of the optical instrument manufacture, Minsk 1982

Научно-исследовательский технологический институт оптического приборостроения, Минск  


Medium format prototype reflex camera with the multimode control of the exposure parameters from the light, reflected from the film in the period of exposure. Uses 120 size film, charged into an special detachable cassette, useful for 16 exposures 6x4,5 cm.


The central inter-lens shutter is controlled by two linear electric motors (one opens, the other shuts), in perfects timing from 16 to 1/500 s in the automatic regime, and from 16 to 1/500 s + "B" - in the manual.


Choice of exposures in the following regimes: complete automatic, automatic diaphagm with pre-selected speeds, automatic speeds with pre-selected diaphragm, and manual.


Automatic transport of film to the first exposure and auto frame advance after each exposure through a built in electric motor; Single or sequential exposures; Also repeated picture taking over the same frame; Mirror lift.


Exposure correction: + or – 2 stops with 1/3 steps; Interchangeable focusing screens and viewfinders; Pentaprism with 45 degree seeing angle: Indication in the viewfinder gives information about proper working order of feeding battery (9,6 V), operating mode and exposure parameters.



Basic objective of " VOLNA -5" 2,8/70, the lobes of diaphragm of which are governed by the third linear engine. There were produced only 5 experimental models. All photographs were made in Viktor Suglob's museum.

























Autolikon 645 was made in 1980 in Belarus. It was an attempt to beat and surpass the famous Rolleiflex SLX but as the German camera it proved costly and unreliable for the professional work. And unhappily the project was drawn from schedule.





Rolleiflex SLX



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