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Elega 35

A similar Leica Standard camera. Has interchangeable lenses and shutter speeds from ½ to 1/500 in a Robot –inspired rotary shutter and lens thread. Here is shown the second model from pehaps 1953. This one has rewind capabilities. The first moel is similar but works cartridge to cartrige. The “rewind button” operates there as a film tensioner for a super flat surface. The bottom of the câmera hás no clutch button and has two tripod screws. The shuter was made in house and is from the famous mark N.K.S (Nitto Kogaku Seiko)


Model 1 can be seen at:

 Elega is a new generation of the previous Look camera now made by Nitto Seiko Ltd.

Semi Elega is a 4.5×6 folding camera from 1937;

This Elega 35 from 1952 and the

Elegaflex from 1950

Finally we see two advertisings of 1954 of the Elega 35 and enlarger Elega and Elegaflex

Both from Shashin Bako

All cameras sports Eleger 3,5 lens, a descent triplet lens formula.

Note: The Semi Elega is a vertical folder copied from the Ikonta, with the typical folding struts. There is a folding optical finder in the middle of the top plate and an advance knob at the bottom right, as seen by the photographer holding the camera horizontally. The back is hinged to the right and the back latch is covered by a leather handle. The name ELEGA is embossed in the front leather.

The camera has an unusual feature: there is a ground glass in the back for focusing preview. It is unknown if this feature works only when there is no film in the camera, which would not make it very useful, or if it also includes a system to set the film apart during the focusing preview. Some sort of control is visible in the middle of the bottom plate, perhaps for that purpose. Unhappily there were no known surviving examples to be evaluated. See last advertising.






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