Sociedad Ibero-Americana de la Historia de la Fotografia Museo Fotográfico y Archivo Historico "Adolfo Alexander"
 Fórum Yahoo [maquinas russas]




Enofilm, c. 1930   Ramponi & Bourdereau, Paris.

Very rare and unusual 35mm camera for 50 shots, size 25 x 32 mm,

Interchangeable lenses:

1) Voigtländer Heliostigmat 2,5/50 mm. –

2) Optis Paris Anastigmat 3/60 mm.

Circular guillotine shutter, shutter speeds 1/20-1/400 sec., telescope magnifier, red/black decor-lacquer, Uses with 2 special cassettes.

- Very attractive exhibition piece and desirable collector's item!

- Literature: Michel Auer, "150 ans d'appareils photographiques", no. 221.




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