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"FED 6 TTL" was an approach to make an electronic shuttered RF changeable camera of easy use. This particular camera has TTL meter with silicon cell that comes in light path when film is advanced and goes out when fired like the mirror in old SLR cameras Two models were made difering on viewfinder (with luminous frames or not) and on the mood of speed changing. Auto speeds: 8sec to 1/500 Manual speeds: 1sec to 1/500 Visible electronic diode exposure meter through viewfinder All other caracteristics identical to FED 5 family cameras This camera was developed in 1998? A forerunner of Leica M7?

This model was directly derivated from FED5S, the mechanical and optical basis for building the Electronic FED6. Here we have two FED6 prototype examples: the n°1 and the n°10. In the bottom a black FED5S picture for comparison.


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