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Rare models 


We show here the rare FED 2 preseries model. This original model was developed and built in order to fulfil  military needs for a camera to be used on technical and professional uses  sporting the highest reliability, strongness, versatility, easy of use, and high manufacturing capabilities
This is the FED 7 prototype. Probably the unique survivor from a project of  renewing  FED  bodies  disign. This camera is mechanically based on the FED 4L. Has a similar body inspired on the Drug camera from KMZ . The project was  perfected and ended on the FED 4K which became itself the commercial FED 5S (with luminous frames).


FED Sport

This is the "FED Sport" produced in 1939 Uses F/2 50mm "FED" lens (Summar copy) has 1/1000 top speed and a quick advance  trigger on  bottom very similar  to  the much more  known  Leicavit 



Stereo FEDs

 Now the "FED Stereo" in two versions. the first one produced in a small batch, was a simple twin triplet lens 3.8/38mm attached as an interchangeable lens in selected FED I bodies This type was made for stereoscopic studies in 1950's.
The commercial geminized camera "FED STEREO" also known as "FED BOY" was built in the 1980/1990's and was born after studies, around "ISU" (International Stereoscopical Union) proposals, suggestions and requirements towards a Stereo camera to be largely accepted and diffused



FED Arsenal

Rare type produced in 1946/47 by Arsenal Zavod (known from Kiev cameras).
Due the high demand of FED cameras after the war, Arsenal also assembled FED cameras just in time of the begining of the production in Krasnogorsk.
They stopped FED production in order to continue full implant construction of Kiev cameras  (Contax clones) These extreme rare Arsenal models are only recognized through the binocular prism emblem engraved  in the top of the camera


Fed "120"
FED (Felix Edmundovitch Djerzinski's)
(1940 c.a.)

This is a medium format camera probably the smallest ever built. Joints the dimensions of Leica screw with the advantages of the  4 X 5,6 cm  negative,  using the same Industar 10 (FED) lens. It has the best ratio between body size and negative format. The collapsiple objective reduces its overall size for carrying purposes. Has focal plane shutter B, 1/20 to 1/500, and takes 16 pictures.  Uses 120 type film.

Its production planned for 1939/1941 was suspended during war time, due factory evacuation from Kharkov to Bredsk, in Siberia.

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