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Kilfitt 2 1/4 X 2 1/4

SLR System

 At "Popular Photography" pehaps 1952, it was shown an imminent launching of a Kilfitt 6x6 camera system shown in the  photograph. Mr. Abrig in the second volume of "Von Daguerreotype bis Heute" exhibits an other diferent picture of this same camera. This prototype was the forerunner of "Fujita 66" disclosed at 1956. Here it is seen with several Kilfitt objectives of the era, pentaprism and critical finder. This camera was also known as Kalimar 66, Soligor 66, or Fodor 66 according with the distributor


Heinz Kilfitt camera system  1954 forerunner of Fujita/Kalimar cameras

This prototype had large front changeable mouth  apt to use all Kilfitt lenses as well as from other cameras



Second model made in Japan



Final commercial version made in Japan




According with Westlicht Photographica  There was a previous prototype.


Kilfitt 6x6 c. 1941


Focal plane shutter to 1/1000 . Similarities w/ Reflex Korelle and Exakta 66 with fixed lens as Noviflex

This prototype boasts a Xenar 2.8/8cm no. 1688497.

Left side release, Flash synchronizer, Crank lever advance and built-in self timer







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