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45 Kinga Gamma Works Budapest  (1946)

 Data from Zoltán Fejér 


Kinga camera view. (Second version)

The right butom,usually used for self timer, is the periscope lowering dial.

This periscope has a photocell behind the semi silvered mirror, for spot light metering!

Speeds 1s to 1/1000s and B / in two dials Leica style. 60mm rangefinder.

Normal optics: Solar and Artar 3.5/50 Triobar 2.9/50

24x32mm picture size and M39x1- 28.8 register lens (Leica compatible)

Design by János Barabás




Advertising leaflet




Kinga Compur prototype



Kinga rear view .You can note  the extra periscope finder and the Leica M rear door type. This feature, seven years earlier.



Finders schematics: Rangefinder, Sport finder & Periscope.



Riga / Kinga Experimental first prototypes (1944)

RI-GA  (= RIszdorfer-GAmma) Odön Riszdorfer concept

KIN-GA (= KINo-GAmma)



Riga / Kinga previous prototype and chassis. Here we see the metal focal plane shutter



Here we see the mechanical diagram of metal focal plane shutter of Kinga cameras.

The blue curtains opens the 24x32mm gate. The red ones are responsible for closing.



Kinga test cameras assembly at Gamma Works.




Kinga 8mm P8 projector  (1963)


leuke kinga baby projector in originele doos jaren 50


Kinga 35mm slide projector  (1962) 12V car lamp.


 Terta sound 16mm movie projector From Gamma Works/Telefongyár

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