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Kodak Prototype "Micro Focus Six20"

hand made, previous from the Kodak Medalist Era.

This is a camera that never made production - crafted by skilled model makers (the machinist's machinist), this is a fine piece of work. Probably there were no more than two or three of these ever made - they were too expensive to produce, months of painstaking precision work in a time before CAD and numerically controlled machines.

The general form is very much like that of the familiar medium format Kodak Medalist 620 roll film camera and the style cues point to the late 1930s or early 1940s. The "Kodak" on the shutter trim is similar to the Super Kodak Six20 (1938-1944). Note the horizontal layout of the viewfinder - no large viewfinder window as seen on either of the Medalist production models. This camera preceeds the first Medalist production model and is a study prototype. The engraving on the nameplate is gorgeous - much more elegant and stylish than the production models.

The winding knob is missing and the film door has no leatherette covering.

Made by hand in Rochester, New York, USA. The number inside the film chamber compares to the project number I found in a Kodak Camera Works document "Major Developments in New Apparatus" dated 1939:

Project E-1108 - A "Six-20 Kodak with screw-out front".

This camera is marked E-1108-2 !

Together portions of this  53 pages 1939 book. There are several prototypes shown. bidder - loads of cool information

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