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Konica Domirex

One of the most misterious Konica Prototypes is the Domirex presented in 1963 in a photo exhibition in Japan. It is single lens reflex having no swinging mirror, instead two small mirrors at lens corners sent 20% of the incoming light to the finder, that way, conventional leaf shutters could be used, synchronizing electronic flash at all speeds. 

Front view of first model Konica Domirex showing the two small mirrors in the light path


The advantages are clearly felt, once it is banned the mirror vibration present in most SLRs; another one is the silence in picture taking and the continous image viewing including the flash instant, once there is no black-out. There were built two prototypes. The first one with selenium cell, the other one with CdS.




Konica Domirex optical principle.



Taken from Popular Photography June 1964

Article by Norman Rothschild




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