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Lubitel-2 Screen Compendium
 1960-th years.

Russian TLR camera
made by LOMO GOMZ

This complete unit includes a Russian Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Medium Format (MF) Camera Lubitel-2 and light tight compendium. It was made in St. Petersburg by LOMO (Leningrad Optical & Mechanical Union).
This set was intended to take high quality definition pictures of oscilloscopes or radar screens. Hammered paint finish sheet aluminum case made with lateral access in both sides for speed and diaphragm setting controls, cocking and release. It is made to be portable and completely tiltable or removable from screen.

This device is permanently held via its own shutter to a specially prepared Lubitel 2 body. Fixed pre focused lens centered at gate housing plane. The compendium holds a small prism over the viewfinder lens in order to compensate parallax for correct screen viewing. The viewfinder screen has no usual mat disc and is completely brilliant. The shutter is the same used in normal run cameras but has no synchronization and no self-timer.

This device was intended for laboratory or military purposes.













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