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Zoomalik  (1959)


Pierre Couffin  - Paris -  France










From Nos 30 and 31 Cyclope magazine




First prototype to press:



From  "Le Photographe" n° 973   december 5th 1960






From  “Almanaque Portugues de Fotografia –Ed 1963”



From Mc. Keown’s



The  copy also had an “M” on the name....

This lens was manufactured in 1978. It took some 19 years delay from the original .

Minolta MD 40-80/2.8 zoom lens.

Minolta MD 40-80 Zoom on XD Camera

This Minolta 40-80 mm f/2.8 zoom lens uses the same formulation of the original Malik, that way, it is unusual in several respects: the zoom controls are located on the side, it is relatively fast and compact, and it is a unit-focusing lens. A unit-focusing lens extends as a whole towards and away from the film in order to focus. This is quite normal for fixed focal length lenses but very unusual for zooms. Most zooms focus by changing the focal length of the lens or by a combination of changing the focal length of and extending the lens. On this lens, the wheel controls the focus while focal length is adjusted by the rotating side lever who substitutes the original Malik knob. This particular XD body is also unusual in that it was sold through Sears in North America, complete with XD-7 instruction book, as an XD-11 . In the bottom photograph we can see this  lens coupled to the top camera of the line the XM. All were sold in very small quantities,

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