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Multiplicator Kamera


Мультипликаторная камера



The chamber here-in presented is possibly known to the majority of readers, but only by figure. The inventor published facsimile of its drawings and and characteristics of this camera and its brief history was published in specialized press.

Inventor E.O.Ljubimov began to declare itself on pages of the "Sovietskoe photo" magazine, in the middle of 30th years, as " an active worker persistently working in the field of new designs and rationalization of the photoequipment and photodevices ". The Multiple Camera is, at least, the second device where Ljubimova applied the principle of a series of expositions contained in a single large plate.


The Single Lens Reflex Multiplicator Nº 1692 of Mr. Ljubimov, gave 15 pictures on a  30X37mm format placed on a photographic plate 13X18cm (3 horizontally and 5 vertically). The special plate charger is located on the back and can move upwards-downwards and to the parties concerning a chosen window. The mirror behind the objective projects the image on a matte screen. The camera is built in a wooden prism and to it is applied a "Tourist" lens/shutter assembly. To this mirror body prism it is applied the back moving plate carrier. After focusing, a lever rise the mirror by means of a separate flexible rope, and operate a draft uncovering the frame. The set uses an objective "Industar -7" 3,5/105 mm Nº 175497 in a standard shutter "ГОМЗ" properly modified. Focusing is done in the front element of the objective. The beginning of the release  of "ЗМ" “ZM” -was not earlier than 1935-36 years of mass production of device "Tourist ".

On camera escutcheon it is specified: " RSFSR. NKMP-MGUMP”. Trust of local industry Kominternovskogo of district council. The Zerkalnii Multiplicator is a design of E.O.Ljubimova. Moscow, Petrovka, 14 ".

. «РСФСР. НКМП-МГУМП. Трест местной промышленности Коминтерновского райсовета. Зеркальный мультипликатор конструкции Е. О. Любимова. Москва, Петровка, 14».


From: Foto Sibir Oleg Tumazov

From: Russian and Soviet Cameras (1840-1991) Boris Bykov


At left camera schematics, in the resting position. At right view of “Tourist” camera.

Nomenclature: 1- lens & shutter, 2- moving mirror, 3- picture frame, 4- plate (with moving direction arrows), 5- matte screen.

Picture taking working sequence: From left to right. 1-The draft in the prism containing the frame shield and mirror begins its travel upwards-The shutter closes. 2-The draft reaches the highest travel point-The shutter fires. 3- The draft begin its downward travel – The shutter is closed. = In the resting position the frame shield is closing the frame window and the shutter is opened for viewing in matte screen.

Plate picture sequence


Origin: Russian and Soviet Cameras (1840-1991) Boris Bykov

Author: Tumazov Oleg sibphoto ru

Translation: Luiz Paracampo




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