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Peckham Wray SLR Press Camera

Wray Optical Works, 4 x 5", with Wray London Lustrar 4.8/135mm lens, no.224118, in Synchro-Compur-P shutter and focal-plane shutter speeds 1/15 to 1/800 sec. Similar in principle to the Periflex, when a button at the front of the camera is pressed a mirror drops down so that a central portion of the image can be seen through the lens in an eye-level viewfinder at the top of the camera. Ex Spira Collection. (no. 139, c.1955, condition B/C)





Rare 4x5 Wray Optical Works. Peckham Wray was designed in 1955. by Cyril Peckham. Holds like a 35mm. See description at British Journal Photographic Almanac 1956.







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