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Regula Reflex 2000 CTL

Very interesting and rare German camera in mint condition with M42 Regula-Westromat 1.9/50mm nº 5209714 (nº 0002576, c.1970).

 Since the advent of internet in my home, (1996) I was searching for a description and photos of such a camera.

Now I decided to show to interested people like me lacking of any information

This camera also sold as Ringfoto Reflex in Germany by the commercial chain store RINGFOTO GmbH. This camera was developed  by Joseph  Op de Beek and first shown at Photokina 1966 as Regula Reflex CTL in two versions: M 42 and Nikon mount.

Speeds up to 1/2000 in a mechanical layout very close to the original Leicaflex. (focal plane shutter,  speed regulation, and shutter firing mechanics) The finder also showed its resemblance with the same camera, but pioneering solutions later found in the Leicaflex SL, like TTL metering  and electrical diagram. Really a somewhat simplified Leicaflex.

Infringement of Leitz patents and poor overall quality control, killed this very attractive camera intended to be sold at a low price level,

In 1976, drawings and remaining parts were sold to National Instruments Calcutta, India who were building under licence, other Regula models for the internal market, but they didn’t go further.

In the general, a good project, could it go better conducted.

Front view where we clearly see the Leicaflex body laytout



Leicaflex Front view



Rear view




Leicaflex Rear view



Top view. One can clearly feel the Leicaflex control position


Schneider Xenon version with lens removed


Lens detail. Two levers: DOF preview and meter activation


King Regula Reflex 2000 CTL. Gebrauchsanleitung.


Camera manual showing the absent self timer, different eyelets, no flash cable contact and overall finish.

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