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"Репортёр", 1937-1941, ГОМЗ


Prototype KMZ 
Прототип  кмз, 1960-е годы

"Reporter", 1960-1961, "Arsenal"
Репортер", 1960-1961, "Арсенал"

Professional camera of superlative design  6X9Klapp” format. Industar –7 3.5/105mm bayonet mount. Focalplane shutter with speeds 1/5 to 1/1000s. Stamped metal body. Focusing through contra-rotating prisms with 0.9 X enlarging, or through matte glass.

80mm rangefinder base, single sheet metal plate holder. As  complement existed a 120 type roll film magazine and various objectives. Dimensions: 160X132X74 mm  . Weight 1460g. The camera was advertised in fall of 1937 but its production took place only in 1939 producing some 1000 units.









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  Прототип  кмз, 1960-е годы
Prototype KMZ

1st  Model



Sovietskoe Foto  1960 matter.



High class 6X9 camera aiming to soviet photoreporters.

We do not know when it will be produced.

Camera has changeable lenses with coupled focus, and are mounted over the shutter.

All lenses arerangefinder  coupled.

The changeable magazine enables you to use B&W or colour films.


"Репортер", 1960-1961, "Арсенал"
"Reporter", 1960-1961, "Arsenal"

2nd  Model

6X9 camera with changeable lenses and film magazine intended for quick change film. Rangefinder focusing, Central shutter 1 to 1/250s +”B”. Double extension bellows for macrophoto use.  It was poduced in small series of only 10 units. The camera was delivered wit three lenses. The designer was  Vladilen Lunchenko.

Its development hás begun at Krasnogorsk factory in Moscow, but was soon sent to Arsenal factory of Kiev for further production adjusting and mass production.

The two models have little differences, the rangefinder style, and the film advance system, through a bottom lever in the first model, and push-pull system on the second one. Other differences are knobs shape, etc.

Both share the same basic structure.

An interesting modular conception close to Hasselblad design, although in 6X9 format and  rangefinder version.



Снимки любезно предоставлены Александром Бронштейном (Alexander Bronstein)

тоже  <D_V_D Technik>
























Andronik Konstantinovich Ionnissanii



Mr. Ionissani and Mme. Rimmer.



Data from Irina Frolova


Andronik Konstantinovich Ionnissanii (1904- 1942), from Arminian origin, The older of the brothers, participates the Factory 340 - OGPU GOMZ

He began working on Reporter camera in June 1936 and finished his work at  1st May 1937. The work was done in conjunction with  Rybnikov and Postnikov with assistance of Mme. Rimmer.

During the “German- Soviet Collaboration” just before the war, Mr. Ionossanii learned much about Leitz instruments and Leica camera, once he worked there for one year (1936/1937). When returned, he had all original plans by heart and traced the plans for the Voomp Pioneer made at GOMZ factory, and solved various problems for FED. He was an extremely dinamic person. He was also responsible for the construction of the first 6m telescope ,the largest in the world in that time.  During the war he worked on development of a bomb sight equipment. Recieved the Red Flag Honour Medal as a wide rending builder of civil, military, and laboratory equipment with distinguish for his great qualities. Unhappyly during the Leningrad siege, he died of Hungry at the factory’s dispensary. His brother is still alive and worked in vartious Photographic. Photogrametric and sight  instruments for the Space Research 



Construction basis of the Ionnissanii’s Report



Plate and Roll-film Professional camera

Shutter based on: Contessa Nettel

Body a mixed solution of: Plaubel Makina but with external focusing helicoid.

Lens: is a Tessar type Industar-7 f3.5/105mm

Rangefinder and viewfinder: after Super-Ikonta 6x9



Construction basis of the New Report


This camera was planned to the exhibition of Brussels 1958, to be shown together Astra, Kometa, Start, Leningrad and several others. Unfortunatedly it was nor ready for this exhibition, but it was first shown in the Mashpriborintorg stand  at Sao Cristovam Exhibition Stand in Brazil in 1960, The camera was shown in a leather compartment case, with the following lenses: 


Russar MR-7 6.3/60

Argon-1 3.5/90

Teleobiektiv 4.5/200


High attention was given from every visitor.

I stayed there, and can tell you the following:

Push pull film advance through the lateral handle.

Focusing by right hand knob giving complete bed movement.

Firing via a buttom release through the thumb finger of the left hand. The magazine accepts 120 film and is a close design from Hasselblad cameras unless for the 6X9 format. Automatic breking mechanism when film is absent or finished- very similar to the Simmons Brothers Omega Press. Light weight body and Rangefinder with auto parallax compensation with three brilliant frames 60/90/200 .

The shutter a Moment 24 is a close copy of Synchonized Compurs.

This camera has a huge Zeiss feelings and one can see on it the development of the Super-Ikonta 6X9 with a giant Linhof 23 influence. On hands, it is really a Linhof but much lighter and smaller. Another curiosity was that at that time I used a 35mm Prominent from Voigtlander and objective changing and bayonet style of both were quite similar .

These are my impressions from the era. I have seen no more data upon this camera.


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