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Smena Panoramic Prototype 

This camera produced in 1955/56 is small series, was an interesting study of LOMO towards  a compact snapshot travel/panoramic camera.
It was used normally with one lens making convencional 24X36mm pictures.(right hand one). When you wanted, a panoramic picture could be taken synchonizing both shutter and lenses in order to take a single panoramic picture with 115° horizontal coverage in a single continous larger 24X72mm picture.
This camera uses all original Smena mechanics, and lenses in a specially conceived metal body.
T-22 optics f4,5/40mm in focusing mounts. Twin ZT-11 shutters (1/10-1/200+B).
A curious two part divergent V type viewfinder is built-in where each one has slightly more than half ocular but both are geminized, so, if one sees through its center, he has the  panoramic sight , in its corner, one sees the conventional single lens coverage.
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