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Here Mr. Strobel tells his experience in  camera making. 


In high school and college I shot Kodachrome slides until 1960. Soon I decided to make my own camera. I cut out the parts from a cookie sheet and assembled it with aluminum solder and stubbornness in my college dorm room. The lens was borrowed from the enlarger that I was no longer using, having switched over to 127 Ektachrome "superslides" (40x40mm). It was a Tessar 1:3.5, f = 7.5cm, Carl Zeiss Jena in a Compur-Rapid shutter. The pop-up viewfinder was a found leftover. I had to watch for the the number in the red rear window while advancing the film, and loosen a screw (center left side) to open it and relace the film! The inside was painted flat black, with a light blocking channel around the front frame. It's just 2-3/8 inches (60mm) wide. There's a tripod mount on the right side. Focusing was improvised by rotating the threaded front lens element. In the photo you can see the index mark I installed left of the lens, but the calibrated focusing scale got detached. (It's around here somewhere, but I haven't used this camera for forty years.) I actually did use it for three or four years!




Technical data:


View finder, shutter and lens taken from a 4.5x6 cm Ikonta A type 521

Reversed Galilei finder.

Compur Rapid 1 to 1/500 +B unsynched shutter.

Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 3.5/75mm N° 2744043

Production year = 1941  

The CameraStrobel uses 127 film giving 8 pictures 4x 6.5 cm on vertical format.

Advance knob taken from Ful-Vue box camera from Ensign.




This is an Ikonta A type 521 produced in 1950

Slight differences in shutter, lens type and have a larger finder.




Ensign Ful-Vue, Frances Spiegel

Ensign Ful-Vue pseudo-reflex box camera 1950



Henry Strobel & Sons,  Oregon

Henry Strobel, Violin Maker & Publisher



Tecnical data:

Luiz Paracampo

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