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 Sutton's Patent Panoramic Water Lens, 1859



Sutton's Patent Panoramic Water Lens, 1859 Made by Thomas Ross, London. Serial number: 52! Aperture 1:12 and 120° coverage. Clean glass surfaces. Sutton's water-filled lens has been patented in England 28th Sept. 1859 (patent no. 2193). Two lenses with extremely concentric curvatures enclose a hollow space which had been filled with crystal clear water. "Sutton's idea was not only carefully manufactured but even perfected by practical enhancements by the optician Thomas Ross, London." Quoted from Eder, "Die Photographischen Objektive", Halle 1911, p. 98. - The rarest lens in the history of optics.









The Sutton Panoramic Lens  (Rudolf Kingslake - A History of the Photographic lens)

Monocentric Design - Water filled interlens space.


Hypergon and Hologon


The Sutton Panoramic Lens gave descendants :

These are the most important:

1)    Goerz Hypergon of 1903 with rotating blades  to compenste vignetting

2)    Hologon first series of 1972 mounted in special Contarex body

3)    Hologon second series  of 1996 mounted on Leica M6.

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